"Talk About It - Side A" - Now Available!

"Talk About It - Side A" - Now Available!

Saint Francis Sessions (coming soon)

Back in February of this year, I was lucky enough to win the Battle of the Bands at the University of Saint Francis. This granted me some recording time at the newly renovated recording studio (which is absolutely amazing BTW)…

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A bump in the road

Hello everyone, 

Thanks for stopping by! I apologize for the recent silence, but it's a result of the lack of progress on the album. I want to congratulate our drummer Matt who is now a happily married man. Now, with…Read more

Recording Sessions Update - Part 2

Today was a good day. Aside from finishing up the acoustic guitar tracks, Adam made some progress tracking bass. Once that's done, the real fun (for me) begins. We have a lot of markers in place where we can start…Read more

Recording Sessions Update - Part 1

Hey Everyone! 

After the first full weekend of tracking, I (err, we) feel GREAT about the direction of the album. I was worried after putting together a band and seeking out a new producer, but my reservations have been put…

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